Contagious Compassion

May 25, 2020

Contagious Compassion

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” - Winston Churchill

Last week on Instagram, we asked our followers to tell us about the acts of kindness they’ve witnessed during this extraordinary time. Compassion is also contagious, and we received lots of inspiring and heartwarming messages. To celebrate the giving spirit of Eid, and because we could not be open for the occasion, we decided to help show yours and our appreciation by sending them a gift. 


Many pitched in to help with food and supplies before and during Ramadan

Owners of The Space restaurant helped local and migrant workers in need by sending meal packs with the help of donations. Over 500 meal packs have been donated in the last two weeks. 

Misha* has been voluntarily sending lunch packs for the sick, including adults and kids at a temporary shelter. She makes between 7-14 packs per day, depending on the requirements of the shelter, and ensures that each meal pack adheres to the dietary needs of every individual. 

Raya took the initiative to get Hashim biriyani to do meal packs for expats in centers, and delivered well over 5000 packs, coordinating donations, the kitchen, delivery and Red Crescent.

Hana* organised an enormous amount of donations to send food and supplies to over 1000 migrant workers. She also regularly contacted them and sent updates to people who donated, ensuring everything is transparent. 

Zidhu cooked and delivered iftar meals for migrant workers since the start of Ramadan, as well as feeding the delivery people who bring her groceries. 

During the early days of lockdown in Male’, people in one apartment building would order groceries in bulk and share with the rest of the tenants. 

A mother overheard neighbours explaining to their distraught son, who was craving pizza, that ordering takeout could be risky during this time. She ended up baking a huge pizza with lots of toppings and sent them half of it. The kid was thrilled! She also cooked food and had it delivered to her own son’s visiting friends, who were stuck in Male’ due to lockdown and didn’t have money to get through all of Ramadan. 


 Hey! I miss you. Image created by Daniel Barreto. Submitted for United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives - help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Others used their professions to help as many as possible

Meena*, a lawyer, has been helping both vulnerable migrants and Maldivians by providing food and deliveries for over 100 people through donations alone. She also assists expats with matters such as eviction and police issues, and is currently collaborating with NGOs and Police for a silent solution for victims of domestic violence while in lockdown.    

Dr. Shifla, an army doctor, has left her children to go and help the children that are sick because they need her more. She waits for patients who are unable to attend during her consultation time. When she finally does make it home, if she does, it is late at night. Then she picks up each call, returns any that she missed, and continues to comfort and advise the patients that need her help.

Yudhra is looking after Shifla’s children as well as her own baby, whose father is also on MNDF alert and has been away from home for nearly forty days.


The Creation of Coronavirus. Image created by Wali's Studio. Submitted for United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives - help stop the spread of COVID-19.

No kindness goes unnoticed

Glo Cleanse did giveaways of free nut milk during Ramadan, along with grocery packs for people in need. 

Riley has been taking extra care in feeding stray cats around Male’. 

A secret messenger at a UK university kept students’ spirits up during lockdown by passing sweet hand-written messages under the door in the halls. 

Family members who helped others without informing them and not wanting anything in return, providing people with essential goods and donations, but never disclosing it to anyone else. 

Khadheeja has been making and sending handmade cloth masks to individuals, shops, institutions and even dhoni crews. She makes around 50 masks per day, all free of charge. 

Dhontha found that her friend’s daughter was unable to visit her parents during lockdown, so she would go out in her own brand of PPE to deliver food to her. On her birthday, Dhontha decorated her balcony where she could see it from her building terrace. Even when her main source of income, which is making cakes for order, was hit hard, Dhontha has baked countless cakes for people who were down on their luck.  

“I wanted to celebrate that,” wrote her nominator. “ I wanted to celebrate her.” 


These are just the stories we have been told. There will be many others we haven't heard, but even the smallest gesture is always appreciated. We thank these wonderful people for their acts of kindness for our community during these challenging times. It meant the world to someone, somewhere, and has inspired many more. 

[* Some names have been changed for those who wished to remain anonymous]


Illustration 1. Hey! I miss you. Image created by Daniel Barreto. Submitted for United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives - help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Illustration 2. The Creation of Coronavirus. Image created by Wali's Studio. Submitted for United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives - help stop the spread of COVID-19.


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