Vilunü | Tuberose & Gardenia Room Spray


Available in the form of a room spray, Tuberose & Gardenia captures the scent of Eid festivities where we adorn ourselves with tuberoses and garden flowers.

The floral heart notes and musky base notes makes for an unexpectedly green but light floral blend, creating a modern spin on the elegant Maldivian tuberose.

This light, floral and summery scent is the perfect companion for both day and night.

For scent that lingers in your space, spritz the room spray a few centimetres from your curtains, cushions, carpets or any form of household fabric.

You can also spray your furniture or simply just the space itself. Repeat as often as you'd like. 

Keep out of reach of children and pets. If ingested, seek medical advice immediately. 

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