Mendhuru Pouch


Introducing "Mendhuru," a distinctive design crafted in collaboration with Maldivian artist Azleina, named "Mendhuru Vaahaka." This design intimately captures the quiet beauty of everyday island life. Post-lunch, small groups of family and friends come together in a cherished ritual to cut and savor areca nuts, fostering close-knit conversations.

The design artfully portrays areca nut trees as palm trees, and at its heart lies the "Foah Valhi," the traditional areca nut cutting tool in Dhivehi. This tote bag and pouch collection encapsulates the simplicity and warmth of these intimate island moments, bringing a touch of Maldivian culture to your daily life.

Our Pouches are ideal for compartmentalizing your handbag, a travel pouch, a stationery bag or as a casual clutch bag.

Product Specification

Material | Linen

Size | 27 x 16 cm

Comes with black lining and an interior pocket


Collections: New, Pouch + Mini Totes

Type: pouch

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