Mangrove Mini Scarf


Introducing our new collection featuring enchanting hand-painted artworks by Mary Halym, skillfully brought to life in collaboration with Azleina. The serene motifs draw inspiration from the mangroves, showcasing the delicate balance of flora and fauna, including the mangrove apple [Kuhlhavah], fruit [Kandoo], and the graceful black-crowned night heron [Raabondhi].

This unique design, now gracing totes, cushions, sarongs, scarves, and mini scarves, evokes feelings of coziness, calmness, and meditation, grounding the wearer in the beauty of nature. It pays tribute to the often overlooked but significant mangrove ecosystems, embodying an essence deeply rooted in the earth.

A nod to vintage prints cherished by our mothers and grandmothers, this collection serves as an homage to maternal figures. It's more than just a design; it's a tribute to the uncelebrated yet crucial places in the Maldives. As we explore these themes, this marks the beginning of what we hope will be a series of inspired designs in the future.

During the first lockdown, Mary Halym embarked on a painting journey with no formal training. She explored various mediums and techniques, finding her passion in watercolors. This collaboration, our third with a local artist this year, shines a spotlight on the creative spirit of women in all three instances.

Our mini scarves are perfect to use as a headband, headscarf, around your neck, in your ponytail, or on a bag.

Dimension | 70 x 70cm [ could vary slightly ]

Material | Cotton silk blend.

Hand wash with cold water or Machine wash on delicate cycle.



Collections: New, Scarf + Sarong

Type: Scarf

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