Maldivian Resort Architecture: 50 Years of Island Resorts


In 1972, tourism introduced a new way of living on the islands in the Maldives, and a new way of appreciating the islands and the sea. The attraction of the natural beauty of the islands and the coral reef provided the setting for the advent and evolution of Maldivian island resorts from humble, vernacular getaways to the varied experiences we are known for today.

This book presents an overview of the historical evolution of Maldivian resort architecture in terms of design and construction for easy browsing that combines both text and graphics. The book provides a brief overview of the built and natural environment of the Maldives, and divides the development of resort architecture into five thematically distinct decades in order to trace the milestones, design, construction, and designers that shape this narrative.

Written & illustrated by Mauroof Jameel


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