Fuloaku | Maakunbe The Plushy


Fuloaku are creators and publishers of children's storybooks, aspiring to make Dhivehi literacy a game changer for little kids. 

Inspired by Maldivian folklore, they create culture infused stories to spark the imagination of young minds and, in the process, stimulate their cognitive development.

Maakunbe the Plushy Doll is the Maakunbe character from the new book produced by Fuloaku, based on the old folktale from the Maldives. The new book is a retelling of the story of Maakunbe, which shows him as a moral character who turns to healthy eating habits. The plushy is made with soft plush fabric 'skin', embroidered facial details,  wearing a removable linen shirt and Maldivian style sarong.

Packaged in a sturdy reusable box.


Collections: Local Artisanal Collection

Type: Plushy

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