Dindin Koel | Mini Jigsaw Puzzle


This 20 Piece jigsaw puzzle by Leena Ali is a great puzzle that allows children to be successful on assembling without too much trouble, and gives them the confidence to try more advanced puzzle games when ready.

"The illustration is from the series 'Tide of Tales'. Since the Maldives is 99% ocean, we must be extra careful what we set free in the ocean. Turtles do not know how to untie a knot, nor does it see the little plastic particles when they feed themselves. For marine animals plastic trash is a killer. Divers have made several rescues involving entangled turtles, sharks, and mantas, freed from fishing lines and nets on reefs. What can we do? We must all create a safer planet for our future."

Size | 13 x 18cm
Number of Pieces | 20
Material | Board Paper, Gloss, packed in a paper box

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