Concrete Jungle [Day] Tote


Concrete Jungle series was designed in collaboration with local artist Fathimath Azleena [Azoo]

This is a design that was inspired by the natural and urban elements of our daily life as Maldivians.

This was designed while we were in strict lockdown in Greater Male', and reflects, the nostalgia we felt for our island home through elements like the window pattern [jaali] the birds we see in our urban life and the vegetation that gives us food security, like banana and the papaya.

This collection was made from a single digital artwork by Azoo, with which we have designed a day and night series, that are currently on our tote bags, cushions and as a pouch.

Our tote bags have a zip, an inner pocket and the design on one side.

Size | 36x40cm

Handle Size | 28cm

Material | Cotton Linen Blend

Collections: Tote Bags

Type: Tote-Bag

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