Mendhuru Tiffin Box


Locally known as Thashi-bari [direct translation: stacked plates] traditional tiffins have been used in Maldives and all over Asia for many years and have a timeless practical design, making this the ideal plastic free, eco food carrier. Whether it is as a lunchbox, or to be used for a picnic. And our personal favourite, delivering homemade foods to your loved ones, as our families use to in decades past.

Our double walled, food grade stainless steel tiffins keep food either hot or cold for approximately 3 hrs. They do not harbour smells after washing, as can be the case with certain plastic food containers.

Our Tiffin boxes currently come in some of our most popular designs, and is printed on water proof/ heat proof vinyl for the ultimate retro look.

Products from our latest collections are designed to help you slow down and reconnect to those that matter most.

Design Details

Introducing "Mendhuru," a distinctive design crafted in collaboration with Maldivian artist Azleina, named "Mendhuru Vaahaka." This design intimately captures the quiet beauty of everyday island life. Post-lunch, small groups of family and friends come together in a cherished ritual to cut and savor areca nuts, fostering close-knit conversations. The design artfully portrays areca nut trees as palm trees, and at its heart lies the "Foah Valhi," the traditional areca nut cutting tool in Dhivehi. 

Product Details

Size | 12cm diameter. 5cm Height per carrier x 3

Material | Food grade stainless steel
* Double walled for temperature retention


Hand wash only with a sponge
Do Not put in dishwasher
Do Not Microwave

Collections: Island Home, New

Type: Unknown Type

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