Gudi Journal


"Gudi," a captivating design born from collaboration with Maldivian artist Azleina, named "Gudeege Dhathuru." This collection embodies the essence of Iruvai monsoon in the Maldives.

As the winds of change begin to stir, "Gudi" captures this transitional period, infusing a sense of hope and anticipation. At its core, it is a celebration of Maldivian craftsmanship, showcasing the art of handmade kites—a cherished tradition during this season, especially by children.

The design paints a picturesque scene with three kites, each hand crafted in the timeless Maldivian style. The backdrop features dragonflies, symbolic of the seasonal migration, along with an illustration of the sun and palm leaves. This artwork pays homage to the festive spirit that envelops the Maldives during this annual occurrence, inviting you to embrace the beauty of change with every fluttering kite.

This journal has 100 sheets [200 pages] of 100gsm paper making them ideal for sketching or writing.

This design comes in hard paper cover and a back pocket.

Size | A5

Inner Pages | Dotted Grid or Ruled

Collections: Journals + Notebooks, New

Type: Journal

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