Cook Maldives


Shaai is a Maldivian artist and entrepreneur. Living in Male' as a child and making frequent visits, some of her most treasured experiences of Maldives have been around family and the hospitality shared through food. She felt moved to make this book to not only capture and preserve family recipes, but to share more about the Maldivian way of living with the rest of the world.

With over 100 step-by-step photos, Cook Maldives brings to you an assortment of popular and traditional dishes of the tropical island nation of the Maldives. This book will give you a glimpse into the food and everyday life of the people of the Maldives, as you taste and and re-create family recipes that have been passed down across generations.

Learn about the history of Maldivian food and the ingredients that give it its unique flavor. Learn to cook main meals, bread, desserts, and popular "hedhikaa" snacks that are accompanied with our afternoon tea. This book is for food lovers, travel enthusiasts, and anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of South Asian cuisines.

Collections: Local Artisanal Collection

Type: Book

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