Vilunü | Jasmine & Cinnamon Diffuser


Vilunü's Jasmine & Cinnamon takes you back to dusk, where the aroma of jasmine flowers in full bloom, wafts through the island.

Inspired by the Maldivian tradition of weaving Jasmine into the braids of our hair, the spicy warm aroma of cinnamon bark and the sweet floral notes of Jasmine blossoms creates a modern twist that is uplifting and balancing.

The floral and spicy-sweet blend is warm, cosy and calming.

The diffusers are blended and hand-poured here in the Maldives. The 135ml reed diffuser lasts up to 4-7 weeks in the average space and comes with a reed stick pack. For maximum effect, please flip reeds once every week

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