Urban Atoll | Sigil Collection Necklace Silver


"One of the oldest and most iconic buildings in the whole country, Hukuru Miskiiy is said to have been built as a mosque when Maldives first converted to Islam. Reconstructed into its current form in 1658 during the reign of Ibrahim Iskandar I ,the iconic white minaret with its blue seal of the king himself were added to the compound in 1675.

As the oldest structure in the capital of Male’ the blue seal of Iskandar might not be remembered as such by a lot of the younger generations, but the large intricate pattern is immediately recognized by anyone who has seen it.

Inspired by the seal itself Urban Atoll’s sigil necklace design, rendered in both gold vermeil and 925 silver (rhodium plated), is meant to be immediately recognizable as an icon of Male’ the urban capital island of the Maldives."

Chain Length | 40.64cm + 5cm adjustable

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